Sleepy Foot Worship Massage - Ava Dalush

A clip starring Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush in Sleepy Foot Worship Massage - Ava Dalush

In this clip: groping, inspection, sniffing, foot worship, medical, nylons, willing, stripping, feet, genitals, brunette, petite, smart/business

Business woman Ava Dalush is on her feet all days and desperately needs a massage for relief. The problem is that she's so ticklish that she needs to be put under anesthesia in order to receive it.
Referred by a friend, she goes to a therapist and they agree about the sleep part; the doctor also offers himself to perform a new technique which consists in massaging the soles using his mouth. Ava gladly agrees, the only important thing is that she gets relief, and she doesn't care much since she is not going to be there.
The doctor puts a medical mask on her nose and mouth and gas starts flowing; they keep talking and she describes how she feels. Soon she is gone, and the doctor starts his job - In a not too polite way, as he gropes her body, exposes her vagina spread open, and seems to enjoy it.
It's a long and intense worship work, during which Ava's feet are shown to the camera in crystal clear quality!