Sleepy Foot Worship - Bendy and Lavinia

A clip starring Bendy, Lavinia

Bendy, Lavinia in Sleepy Foot Worship - Bendy and Lavinia

In this clip: POV, hands, hypnosis, foot worship, multigirl, nylons, willing, amateur, stripping

A guy likes to hypnotize girls and play with their limp feet while they are under. For this he pays a lot, and Lavinia is a regular; today she brought her friend Bendy with her, who is very curious about that and would like to try, although she is not sure about it.

After an introduction and some chatting, Lavinia is ready to be hypnotized. Bendy asks to witness in order to see how it works. She is allowed to do so.
The guy starts swinging the magic bells before Lavinia's eyes, and soon she is under; Bendy is impressed as she finds out how limp and gone her friend Lavinia is, as she plays with her floppy hand.
In the meantime, the creep goes at her feet and starts inspecting the shoes, taking them off; he then slowly removes the stockings, and finally Lavinia's bare feet are in his hands. As Bendy keeps witnessing, the creep starts to sniff and worship Lavinia's limp feet and goes on for a while.

Later, Bendy wants to try it and it's time to wake Lavinia up. So she is brought back to her senses, and the two chat about how awesome it is. Then Bendy is invited to lie down comfortably as she is going to be hypnotized. Soon she is under, totally gone, and the other two start to play with her hands and face just to see how limp she is. The creep moves at Bendy's feet and removes her shoes and stockings, exposing her luscious soles.
At this point, Lavinia is pretty curious and is invited to play with bendy's feet and worship them. She actually does that for a while, as Bendy has no idea of what's going on.

After this, Lavinia asks to be put to sleep again, and this time the creep does a quicker nerve pinch: she flops instantly down, and now the creep has two limp bodies, and four luscious feet to play with.

When the girls wake up, later, are really excited and happy about the limp experience.  

Plenty of out takes at the end