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A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith Sleepyfeet Play 1080p

In this clip: drunk, face play, inspection, knockout, massage

Laura is an extremely bratty little princess. She keeps being fussy with her boyfriend when he tries to decide what to do in the evening, taking down everything she says. Finally she tells him not to listen to him anymore and she

turns her back on him. At this point he has enough and he says that now they will do something that he likes. Then he secretly takes a club and from behind he knocks her over the back of her head. Immediately she puts a big silly smile on her face and stiff like a board she falls forwards out of the view.
Now while she`s lying on the floor knocked out cold he removes her shoes. Then he turns her on her back and takes her by her wrists and drags her limp body to the bedroom.

Now we are in the bedroom. With some effort he pulls her limp body up and places her on the bed. She's completely out cold and limp and for him it`s the perfect opportunity to have some fun as long as she's out. Now he lifts up her feet and for about 3 minutes her gropes and massages her soles.
Then, he rolls her over and she ends up lying on her belly with her arms beside her body. He rubs and massages her soles for over 6 minutes. Her soles and toes are shown in full body shots as well as stunning closeups, mixed with shots of her sleeping face.

Then he goes to her head and he takes her by her hair and lifts her head. He holds her head for some seconds and squeezes her cheeks. Then he lets her head limply drop on the bed. He repeats this procedure 2 more times, then he leaves her sleeping body there.