Sleepy Bendy Willing Foot Worship and Play

A clip starring Bendy

Bendy in Sleepy Bendy Willing Foot Worship and Play

In this clip: POV, foot worship, medical, nylons, willing

An ad has been placed for a sleepy model, and Bendy shows up: she will have to be made unconscious, and at that point her body will be used for some foot worship artistic work, for a few days lease. Bendy discusses with the guy about it, but she seems to be interested and not bothered about it; so they agree for meeting again later and finalize things.

Later on, Bendy enters the room in a bath robe, stockings and high heels; she is invited to lay down on a bed and there a medical mask is placed on her face. Gas starts to flow, and soon bendy is totally limp and out, after she described how being put to sleep feels and how much she is looking forward to have her feet worshipped while she is out.

Once she is gone, the guy takes off her high heels and starts to grope her feet; he then takes off the pantyhose as well, peeling the nylon off really slowly. Once her feet are bare and her soles are exposed, a long session of sole licking and toe sucking begins, while Bendy's incredibly hot soles stay motionless and available for any kind of desire