Lauren's Sleepy Adventure

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Lauren's Sleepy Adventure

In this clip: assault, carrying, chloroform, face play, groping, trance, amateur

Lauren lays on the bed, unconscious, her ass up and exposed. Slowly she starts to come to, wakes up groggy, tries to escape. But the masked creep is always there, and he chloroforms her again! he puts her back into the ass up position and the POV camera provides a nice overview of her bum and thighs.

He then OTS carries her to the living room, and there it begins a kind of loop in which he:
- Carries the limp body on his shoulder, providing a good sight of her bum and legs
- Puts her on the couch and performs some eye checks and face inspection
- She wakes up and is put back to sleep or tranced in some way
- She ends up into the ass up position, and the camera pans around her while the creep gropes and slaps her bum
- She gets carried on the shoulder and everything loops back.

This gets repeated for several times, as the video is pretty long; on the last time, her body ends up back into the bedroom where she had been in the beginning. This clip is a limp ass fetish delight!