Sleepy Freezing Spanish Lessons - Susy Blue

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 in Sleepy Freezing Spanish Lessons - Susy Blue

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Susy is a Spanish exchange student. She is having an English lesson with a tutor. The tutor gives her some tea while they work. They start by repeating some phrases as she sips her tea. Soon, Susy feels sleepy and falls into a sleep. The tutor starts to inspect Susy's sleepy body, ragdolling her, playing attention to her heels and feet. After a while he commanded Susy to wake up. She does in a trance. He asks her to do a sexy striptease show for him. Susy obeys. She smiles as she teases him first with her heels and feet. She then strips off her top and bra, teasing him with her tits and nipples. She then strips off her skirt and panties and exposed her pussy and asshole for him, giving him good close up views. After a while, the tutor commanded Susy to sit on the couch and give him a foot job. He stripped off one of her nylons, leaving the other on. He sat and took her feet and she gave him a foot job with one bare foot and other with her stocking on, her expression completely blank. After a while, the guy came all over Susy feet. Suddenly Susy woke from her Trance. She found herself naked with cum all over her feet. She started to shout at the guy in Spanish telling him that she would report him.