Sleepy Party Girl Joanna

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 in Sleepy Party Girl Joanna

In this clip: face play, inspection, amateur, stripping, family affairs, caught in the act, feet, breasts, brunette

Joanna has come home from a night out. She is in a tease mood and decides to tease her creepy pervert step brother. She knows that he is always watching her.

She sits on the bed and first teases with her legs and heels. She knows that he lusts after her legs and heels. She then pulls up her dress, flashing her panties and stocking tops. Giving him a good view of her panties. She then pulls down her top and shows off her tits in her bra, pulling the bra to the side, and teasing him with her nipples.

After she has had her fun, she is feeling tired and soon falls fast asleep. While she is asleep, her step brother sneaks in. He checks to make sure that she is fast asleep. He then starts to play with her sleepy body. He removes her dress and takes off her bra, sniffing it.
Then, moving to her feet, he takes off her shoes and removes her stockings, sniffing both the shoes and the stockings. He starts enjoying her bare feet.

Suddenly Joanna wakes to find herself almost naked her step-brother playing with her feet. She is angry and tells him that she is going to tell her mom.