Honour May Sleepy Trance Abuse Pt1

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May Sleepy Trance Abuse Pt1

In this clip: oral, groping, foot worship, masturbation, trance, feet, mouth, blonde, eyerolling, robot, casual

The man comes home from his previous job dropping off the key holder. He opens the door and sees a note nearby. The note says for your hard work; she'll obey your command. He heads to the living room to find a woman (dressed in dark bootcut jeans, a blouse, and barefoot) laying in a bag, face down on the floor. He removes the bag to reveal a beautiful woman wearing red lipstick.

The man inspects her limp body before stopping to worship her feet. She appears to be asleep the entire time. He tells her to get up and she does, turning to face him. She's under some kind of hypnotic trance. He orders her to walk around and she does. He sits down in a nearby chair, orders her to sit in his lap, and to prop her feet up on the chair in front of them; She does. He whispers in her ear to scrunch her toes. She obeys and he watches with great pleasure. He tells her to go limp and she falls back asleep. He shifts over so she's sitting next to him. He tells her to wake up and sit in front of him.

She gets up and sits in the chair facing him. He tells her to rub her feet in his face. She does and he relishes in her movements. He then tells her to blow him. She slides the chair back, kneels in front of him, and starts bobbing up and down on his dick. The camera pans to show her feet sticking out as she blows him. He places his hands around her head and tells her to go limp. He then continues the blowjob with her limp head. He stops, gets up, and orders her to follow him.