Sleepy Step Sister Roxi Keogh

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 in Sleepy Step Sister Roxi Keogh

In this clip: ragdolling, groping, POV, hands, inspection, foot worship, amateur, stripping, family affairs

Mick came home to find his step-sister Roxi fast asleep on the bed. A set of panties and pantyhose lay next to her, as did a pair of cuffs.
He had always wanted to check her out closely and this might be his chance. He checked and she seemed in a very deep sleep.

Mick removed her shoes and checked out her feet. He tasted her toes and soles. He lifted her skirt and saw that she had no panties on. She also did not have a bra on. He removed her clothes and inspected her naked body closely. Her tattoos always intrigued him. He opened her legs and sniffed her pussy, using her own hand to finger it. he turned her over and checked out her ass.

Mick took the cuffs and slipped them on her wrists, behind her back. He stuffed the panties in her mouth opened her legs to get a good view of her pussy. He then left to get a camera.

Roxi woke and started to struggle and moan. Mick came back in just as she sat the panties from her mouth. She told him that she will tell their parents what he had done.