Stepmother Pandora Sleepy Handjob and Foot Fuck

A clip starring Pandora

Pandora in Stepmother Pandora Sleepy Handjob and Foot Fuck

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Pandora’s son in law was visiting her, as he often seemed to do these days. As she prepared for bed, she drank the cup of tea that he had brought her. She called out good night and soon went into a deep sleep.

After a short time the son-in–law crept into her bedroom.  After checking that she was in a deep sleep, he proceeded to play with her body, rolling her, checking her out. She was not aware, but he had done this many times before. He soon removed her nightdress and her panties and played with his naked mother-in-law, slowly moving  to her feet. He spent some time with her feet, worshiping them. It was not long before he took out his cock and started to give himself a sleepy foot job with Pandora’s feet.

Although Pandora was asleep, she was strangely responsive: she responded by helping him in the footjob.
He then moved to her tits, rubbing his cock on her nipples. Still in a sleep, her hand moved up and helped him rub his cock on her tits and nipples.
She continued until he finally came all over her tits. 

The son-in-law left to get a towel to clean off his mother-in-law. Pandora lay there asleep, but suddenly woke. She was naked with cum all over her!