Sleepy Mistress Ruby Dagger

A clip starring Ruby Dagger

Ruby Dagger in Sleepy Mistress Ruby Dagger

In this clip: groping, inspection, foot worship, stripping, feet, breasts, brunette, drug, smart/business

Mistress Ruby is sitting and feels like having some tea. She calls out to her slave to bring her tea. After a few moments, the slave dutifully obliges. She tells him to sit and watch her. Again he dutifully obliges. 

As she drinks her tea, she decides to tease her slave a little bit. She is so mean to him. She plays with her feet and heels, knowing the slave loves her feet. But, she tells him that he cannot touch them. She sips her tea. She decides to tease him more, so she opens her top to flash her bra at him. Finally she removes her top all together, sitting just in her bra. She sips her tea. She decides to take off her skirt and finally her bra. All the time, the teases the slave and tells him to stay in his place.

Suddenly Ruby starts to feel a little strange. She feels a little drowsy. She looks at the tea cup and slave. She is so sleepy. Before long she is fast asleep.

The slave gets up and checks that she is in a deep sleep. Finally he can have some fun. He plays with her limp body and then moves to her feet and removes her shoes. He enjoys the feel of her feet in the pantyhose. His mistress is still in a deep sleep.  After some time, he figures he better leave.