Sleepy Massage Lauren and Limp Hand Play

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Sleepy Massage Lauren and Limp Hand Play

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, hands, inspection, massage, amateur

Lauren has been working so hard as a fetish model. Going all over the place for shoots. She just want to relax and have some time to herself. She decides she needs to get a massage. She knows the best masseuse. Mick comes highly recommended by all her friends so she knows she's in good hands.

Lauren shows up to her massage appointment.  Mick welcomes her in. Tells her to get comfortable and undress down to just her panties. Lauren gets on the table face down where there's a towel there to cover herself. Her arms are on her side. Mick comes in and starts rubbing her back. While he is sensually rubbing her back, shoulders and arms. He talks with her about how she's doing, life, what she does for a living. She answers him but starts to get relaxed and soon her answers start to fade as she starts to fall asleep. She becomes silent, her hands/arm falls off the side of the massage table. Mick realizes he has Lauren right where he wants her...

Mick removes the towel, takes her limp hands and begins to play with them in a limp hand play and flopping session.

After a while we see sleeping Lauren laying face up: still a long and detailed limp hand play, plus limp head and face play, with neck exposure as well.