Sleepy Lover - AltSiren and Tindra Frost

A clip starring AltSiren

AltSiren in Sleepy Lover - AltSiren and Tindra Frost

In this clip: inspection, foot worship, girl/girl, stripping

Altsiren is asleep on the couch. Heavily. She has been out partying again. She still has on her party clothes. Her lover Tracy is sick and tired of Altsiren's behavior. Always partying. Cheating on her. She's had enough and decides to teach her lover a lesson.

As Altsiren is sleeping, a woman creeps in quietly. She has been given the key to the apartment. She checks and finds Altsiren in a very deep sleep. This will be fun she thinks to herself. She moves down to Altsirens feet and removes her shoes. She inspects the feet through the material of the socks (or stockings), sniffing them and putting the toes in her mouth, sucking them. She then removes the socks and does the same with her bare feet.

The woman removes Altsirens skirt and moves up and takes off her top as well. She removes the bra and checks out Altsiren's tits. She massages her tits and squeezes her nipples with one hand. As she is doing this, she pulls out het own tits and does the same to her own with the other. She smiles at the difference and the feel. She bends down and takes Altsiren's nipple in her mouth to taste and suck them. She leans over and smiles as she brushes her own nipple over Altsiren's.