Kasia's Sleepy Interview

A clip starring Kasia

Kasia in Kasia's Sleepy Interview

In this clip: chloroform, POV, nylons, willing

Kasia has some kind of interview for job of highly paid personal assistant for special mysterious client. Mick is the recruiter and has to film the interview.
Kasia comes in for the interview. Mick explains the job is for highly paid PA for special client; he explains the applicant needs look good in heels, be sexy, smile a lot and be ready for sexy services. But no sex. He explains needs to test her. She says OK. he explains he will film the interview. They go live on camera.

POV: Mick asks her to state her name, then asks her to show her sexy look to the camera, her smile to show her legs, heels, feet, shoes the feet. She shows off he boobs through her top, then pulls up or unbuttons the top and pulls put her tits. Always she is smiling and looking at the camera.
Mick then says, she needs to chloroform herself and let him play with her feet as it will be part of the job. He gives her a rag; she does a good willing self chloro scene - and falls out cold.
The video ends with some limp foot play; not much worship, but more of stunning closeups of soles and toes as Kasia lies asleep on the couch. He finally wakes her up.