Laura Sleepy Hypno Foot Worship

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Sleepy Hypno Foot Worship

In this clip: hypnosis, inspection, foot worship, massage, nylons, trance, willing, feet, brunette

Business woman Laura Smith has been trying anything to quit smoking, unsuccessfully. So she meets a doctor who offers her a mesmerizing options through a foot massage, which she accepts without hesitation. She lies down on a medical bed and lets him take off her shoes, massaging her nyloned feet. She soon goes out deep, and at that point the creep has a deeper inspection at her feet, taking the stockings off, and starting to wick her soles and suck her toes undisturbed, as she sleeps deep in her trance without noticing. Amazing closeups and different angles of her stellar feet are included.
When she wakes up she doesn't remember anything of this, but it seems the therapy worked as she doesn't feel the need for a cigarette. She is really happy about it, and so is the doctor who could enjoy her feet for a long time.