Stephanie Bonham Carter Sleepy Foot Worship

A clip starring Stephanie

Stephanie in Stephanie Bonham Carter Sleepy Foot Worship

In this clip: POV, hands, hypnosis, inspection, sniffing, foot worship, nylons, trance, willing, stripping

A stage hypnotist walks to his sofa having just finished his act. he is very tired.
No sooner as he sits down, he hears a knock; Stephanie enters.  She is wearing her very normal, non glamorous street clothes. 
She is an admirer who just wants to meet the guy and ask him to be put under, as maybe she wants to catch his attention for more... But he refuses, as it's just work to him, and it may also be a bit risky.

Stephanie starts to beg him, but still no luck. Then she turns teasing, hinting that he would be free to do anything he likes with her limp body once she is under and deeply asleep. That actually makes him hesitate. She asks what's his favourite body part - feet - So she rests her legs on his lap, giving him the permission to take her shoes and socks off, and give her a foot massage, which he does. However, there's not much more he's allowed to do: if he really wants to play with her feet - sniffing them, kissing them, licking them - he has to put her under, and at that point he can do anything with her sleepy body and he has her permission to do so. Deal.

The next day, Stephanie comes back, all dressed sexy in a sexy dress, lingerie, fine stockings and high heels Louboutins. She is flirty, ready to be put under: she can't wait.
The guy has her laying down on the massage table and proceeds to put her under, which takes some time and we can admire her face getting dazed, her eyes rolling, and hear her voice whispering words which soon get confused.

At that point she is just his sleepy toy: he has a quick look at her hands, then moves down to her feet and slowly strips them off, removing the shiny high heels first, and peeling the nylons off then, after he has sniffed and licked them for a bit.
Her juicy bare limp feet are in his hands now, and he proceeds to grope them, sniff and kiss them, lick them sliding his tongue from the round heels up to the toes, enjoying these smooth juicy soles while Stephanie lies completely asleep and unable to feel anything.

The scene fades out, and then we see Stephanie being woken up, later. She looks happy, relaxed, and seems to have enjoyed it despite she couldn't actually feel a thing!