Sleepy Foot Worship Sophia Smith and Alicia

A clip starring Sophia Smith, Alicia

Sophia Smith, Alicia in Sleepy Foot Worship Sophia Smith and Alicia

In this clip: POV, inspection, foot worship, multigirl, medical, nylons, willing, stripping

Alicia and Sophia approach you. They are medical students  They say there here to learn about the anaesthetic machine. You explain the best way to learn about it is to see someone be put to sleep.

They say... “we thought about that.  Could you put one of use to sleep whilst teething the other, and then wake us up and we’ll swap around”. You agree.

Sophia lies down first.  Alicia then asks
“So how deep asleep will Sophia be?  Will she feel anything?”

You say “no, not a thing”. Sophia then suggests to Alicia “tell you what, I’ve got REALLY ticklish feet... when I’m asleep, why not take my shoes and stockings off and tickle them.  See if I move and I’ll tell you what I remember when I wake up”

You put Sophia to sleep.  She loves it! “Ok, now I’ve put her to sleep, I need to keep her under so I put this tube in her mouth which will pump the magic into her body.

“Then I monitor her heart” (open her blouse and put ecg dots and leads on her around her breasts)
Alicia then asks if she can touch Sophia’s feet now and you say yes. 

Film her removing the shoes and stockings and then have her stroke Sophia’s feet.  Then have Alicia comment on how beautiful her feet are and you proceed worshipping them while Alicia helps you.

After this, have Alicia ask for you to put her to sleep.  Scene fades and opens with Sophia redressed and waking up. 

Alicia is then put to sleep and the scene is repeated.