Samantha Alexandra Sleepy Foot Worship

A clip starring Samantha

Samantha in Samantha Alexandra Sleepy Foot Worship

In this clip: inspection, foot worship, nylons, willing, casting, stripping

Samantha arrives for the modelling job, you ask her if she know what it involves. She pulled out the advertisement and reads it... “ this is a public display, art piece called the “foot fetish fantasy”...  “I will be put to sleep and then my sleeping body will be placed on display in public view.

You ask if she is happy with this and she says how she is... how the idea of being powerless is arousing and that providing that she is deeply anaesthetised, you can do what you like as she won’t know about it.

You say that you’d like to put her to sleep now for a trial run and Samantha agrees

Put her to sleep REALLY SLOWLY using a gas mask and have her gently drift off really being consumed by the drugs...

Then expose her body, strip her legs and feet and worship her soles and toes for a while.