Sleepy Orgasmic Foot Worship Liz Rainbow

A clip starring Liz Rainbow

Liz Rainbow in Sleepy Orgasmic Foot Worship Liz Rainbow

In this clip: groping, hypnosis, foot worship, nylons, trance, willing

Liz - “Hello I have come for my sleepy massage appointment”
You - come on in

Scene fades and opens on the couch.
You - so as usual, I will put you into a deep sleep and then give you a full foot worship massage session.  I will also insert a dildo into you and stimulate you until you orgasm.  Are you happy with this.

Liz - “Yes, you’ve done it before now several times and I like it very much”

Put her to sleep counting backwards from 10... 9...8... 7...... zzzzzzz. Getting sleepier and sleepier, she doesn’t even finish counting before she falls asleep.

Then lift her skirt (no panties) and do a lovely up skirt view.
Insert a dildo and then worship her sleepy feet.
Liz keeps sleeping but her body responds to the foot worship until she orgasms