Sleepy Foot Worship Model Sophia Smith

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sleepy Foot Worship Model Sophia Smith

In this clip: hypnosis, inspection, foot worship, willing, stripping, feet, legs, breasts, brunette, provocative

Sophia is in immaculate clothing with dark, fine derbies stockings and her black Louboutins. She arrives at your house looking stunning. She is a model and clearly knows you well. She opens the conversation... “Is this another hypnosis modelling job?” You tell her “yes”... she is clearly excited and tells you how she loves them. “I love going under...  I love the feeling of relaxation, I love it how my mind becomes spongy and drifts away.  It’s sublime. I also find it quite sexy, being helpless, asleep and unaware while you photograph me and pose me. You go on to say that this time it’s nudity and a large focus on her feet. You say i want to be able to film and photograph your soles and toes As close as my camera can get.

Sophia then suggests to you that you should also do “foot worship” “I think that as well as the normal photographs of my feet that you should also do some film of you stroking them.  I’d like you to lick my soles and put my toes in your mouth because THAT'S foot fetish. You agree happily You start off with some awake modelling...  have her do traditional modelling poses.  Then show poses, dangling / dipping. Then undressing poses down to her lingerie. Sophia then says “you should put me to sleep now and do the nudity photos and foot worship filming”

You hypnotise her. Once she is asleep, remove her bra and film her breasts. Then go nuts for her feet with literally the closest filming and pictures you can take (real foot worship and POV foot worship here).

Once you have finished with worshiping Sophia, I’d like you to wake her up and she is happy, refreshed and obviously aware what has happened whilst she was asleep given her state of undress  She asks how it went and you say amazing! She asks if you enjoyed it yourself and you say how you loved worshiping her feet so much, would she mind if you worshiped them some more? She says “of course you can...  if I’m asleep then I don’t mind what you do to my feet”  She then asks “how will you put me to sleep”? You say... “I will lick the sole of your foot five time’s, each lick will make you sleepier and sleepier and the fifth lick will put you back to sleep. You then begin and she comments how she is going under!