Sleepy Foot Worship Model Lauren

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Sleepy Foot Worship Model Lauren

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, POV, inspection, foot worship, nylons, willing, amateur, stripping

You are a foot fetish film producer who produces custom foot fetish films for clients. You have been commissioned to produce a hypnotic / sleepy foot fetish film for a client and you are auditioning Lauren to be the model to star in it.

You quickly audition her to assess her feet and then offer her the job. 

Because this is a business deal, and because the model will be unconscious during sexual acts, the model reads aloud and signs a contract consenting to be put to sleep and have her body worshipped whilst she is under hypnosis.

You hypnotise her, strip her, film her, worship her feet, play with her limp body.