Sleepy Foot Worship - Lucy Lauren

A clip starring Lucy Lauren

Lucy Lauren in Sleepy Foot Worship - Lucy Lauren

In this clip: foot worship, nylons, trance, willing, stripping

Lucy Lauren meets a therapist for a job interview, during which she notices he has been looking at her feet and legs. In order to get the job she teases him by asking what it feels like to be mesmerized, and then asks if he can do that on her, and once she will be limp and under, he would be able to do whatever he wants with her feet, as she will be asleep and unable to feel it afterwards...

So she gives him her permission to play with her feet, and he gladly proceeds to put her to sleep.
Then he can start taking her shoes off, exposing the nyloned feet, which he gropes and kisses. He takes the nylons off and begins worshipping her sleepy feet, in a very long process featuring amazing closeups of Lucy Lauren's HOT soles!