Linda Sleepy Foot Worship

A clip starring Linda

Linda in Linda Sleepy Foot Worship

In this clip: hypnosis, inspection, foot worship, nylons, trance, willing, stripping

It's a guy's birthday and his wife can't be there because of work commitments. He gets a visit instead, by a girl named Linda, dressed super sexy, who hands him a letter.  It's from her wife, and it explains that Linda is his birthday present: she is a professional escort who has been hypnotized on purpose, and programmed to fall in a deep sleep once a specific set of actions are performed, and at that point she's all for him and he is free to have fun with her limp body and feet, worshipping and kissing them.

Linda confirms everything, and she is enthusiast to become his sleepy toy: "Once I am under, you are free to do with me as you choose... You can strip me, expose my breasts, remove my shoes, lick the soles of my feet, suck on my toes...  I am yours."

He puts her to sleep by swinging a pocket watch and then she is all for him to play with. As planned, he deeply enjoys her limp feet and smooth soles kissing and licking them for quite a while...