Lauren and Jane Limp Foot Worship Escorts

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Lauren and Jane Limp Foot Worship Escorts

In this clip: hypnosis, foot worship, nylons, willing, amateur, feet, blonde, brunette, smart/business

A rich weirdo hires two beautiful escorts for a willing sleepy foot fetish session in return for money.

The two escorts are sitting on the sofa, and he starts by  introducing his plans, telling them that he would like to put them to sleep and worship their feet whilst they're limp.
Lauren sounds more confident, but the blonde Jane sounds a bit more hesitant: in order to make her feel more relaxed, Lauren decides to go first so Jane can see what's going to happen.

The weirdo takes out a pocket watch and hypnotizes Lauren until she is completely passed out. Jane watches.
Now the weirdo shows to Jane how limp and gone Lauren is; he shows her what's going to do with her body: take off her shoes, her fine nylons, and finally worshiping her bare feet as Lauren cannot feel anything. After a while, the scene fades out.

The scene fades back in and we see Lauren, redressed, being brought back to consciousness. Jane is still watching, sat next to her, and still not quite feeling it right.
Lauren wakes up, happy and relaxed: she actually enjoyed the resting time, and hopes that the weirdo enjoyed her feet. She asks Jane if she liked watching it, and now it's time to swap.

Jane lies down and the weirdo starts swinging his pocket watch again: now she slowly relaxes, until her eyes close and she's gone.
As Lauren is more active and easy going, this time she actually helps the weirdo at handling Jane's limp body, stripping her and getting her feet bare, which the weirdo begins to massage and worship for another while, enjoying these until the scene fades out again.

Time to wake Jane up: as soon as she's back she confesses it was not so bad! But the weirdo doesn't have enough yet. It's time to put them both to sleep together, which he does again by swinging the pocket watch, and both girls collapse on the couch. The video fades out.