Bonnie Sleepy Foot Worship 2

A clip starring Bonnie

Bonnie in Bonnie Sleepy Foot Worship 2

In this clip: gas, foot worship, massage, nylons, willing, stripping, feet, legs, brunette

Bonnie goes to her therapy session to relieve her aches and pain. The therapist suggests she do a deep tissue massage, where her whole body is massaged and becomes so relaxed that she'll agree to be put to sleep with sleeping gas and then massaged some more.

Bonnie agrees to the session, with her hands and arms massaged first, followed by her legs. Bonnie is so relaxed that she wants her feet rubbed, just as the therapist puts the gas mask on Bonnie. Bonnie rolls her eyes as she passes out.

The therapist then plays with her exposed breast and works down to worship her feet.
When she wakes up from her slumber, she’s feeling refreshed and amazing.