Bonnie Sleepy Foot Worship

A clip starring Bonnie

Bonnie in Bonnie Sleepy Foot Worship

In this clip: hands, foot worship, massage, nylons, willing, stripping

Bonnie comes to see you for a “therapy session” because she is really stressed and that her whole body aches.
You explain that you are going give her a “voluntary anaesthetic massage”
She asks what it is and you explain.

“I want you to lie down and shut your eyes” and I will massage your whole body” But in the order you want...  eventually you will become so relaxed that you will ask me to put you to sleep”
I will then put you under with sleeping gas and perform a whole body deep tissue experience.  When you wake up you will feel totally refreshed, relaxed and amazing"

Bonnie is curious and lies down. You ask where she would like you to start and she says “my hands”
You massage and manipulate her hands as if she is limp.   She then asks you to move to her arms.  Just move them around, bend the joints, twist the wrist joints... essentially just manipulate her arm / shoulder.

She then asks you to massage her legs...  you “roll her thighs so her foot flips from side to side (still wearing shoes”. You bend her knees, flex her ankles up / down.

She then asks you to massage her head / neck.  Give her a bit of a scalp massage, stroke her face / neck.

With each area you massage have Bonnie becoming more and more relaxed.  As you are massaging her head have her say.... (in a sleepy voice)

“Mmmmmmm this is wonderful.  I’d like you to put me to sleep now”

You keep massaging and You ask “what would you like me to do whilst you’re asleep?” And she says..(sleepy voice)
“Mmmmm massage my feet, I LOVE having my feet rubbed”
You ask “would you like me to lick them too” and Bonnie (who is now too dreamy and relaxed to care) says
“Mmmmm, do what ever you like, lick them, worship them, kiss my soles, as long as it feels good”

Whilst you are massaging, bring over the gas mask and hold it over her sleepy face.  She opens her eyes and you tell her to breath it in.  Have her roll her eyes, talk sleepy gibberish and then drift off.

Finally, a long session of sleepy feet worship follows.