Sleeping Laura Foot Worshiped By Doctor AltSiren

A clip starring AltSiren, Laura Smith

AltSiren, Laura Smith in Sleeping Laura Foot Worshiped By Doctor AltSiren

In this clip: gas, sniffing, foot worship, girl/girl, nylons, willing

Laura knocks on the door, AS opened it and greets her.  Laura explains that she is here for the foot worship job.  AS invited her in and sits her down.

She then explains to Laura what the Job involves: a fetish work job, she will be strapped and sedated laying on a medical table, and then properly put to sleep by AltSiren.
She will then inspect and taste her feet

Laura agrees and they walk into the medical room where she strips, she is strapped to the bed and later on put to sleep with a gas mask.
A breathing tube is then placed in Laura’s mouth and the sound effect changes from the hissing to the “pumping”.

AS then goes to town over Laura’s feet, sniffing, licking and worshiping her sleepy limp soles and toes.