Sleepy Ada Fox Foot Worshipped by Burglar

A clip starring Ada Fox

Ada Fox in Sleepy Ada Fox Foot Worshipped by Burglar

In this clip: assault, POV, injection, foot worship, amateur

Ada Fox is on the phone with a friend; she is about to go to sleep, and the two discuss about a burglar who's been breaking into several flats in the area. Ada is not particularly worried, as her flat is quite secure, so she takes it easy, switches the light off and goes to sleep.

But, later on, we see the bedroom from the burglar's point of view (infrared). He is in her bedroom!
he approaches sleepy Ada, gently rolls her on her back, slams a hand onto her mouth. Ada suddenly wakes up in the darkness, but she doesn't have the time to realize what's happening that he injects something into her neck with a syringe... quickly her eyes roll and she gets completely limp and unresponsive... Gone.

He can take now his time, as he is pretty sure she can't wake up no matter what he does. So he switches the light on, and proceeds searching her flat undisturbed, not caring about her anymore.
Once he is done, he stops for a second to admire her body. These high arched soft soles there, completely available for him to lick, and he knows she can't wake up - So why not? He kneels down and decides to take his time, worshipping these gorgeous limp soles before leaving...