Liz Rainbow Sleepy Fuck Toy

A clip starring Liz Rainbow

Liz Rainbow in Liz Rainbow Sleepy Fuck Toy

In this clip: oral, groping, fucking, injection, kissing, foot worship, medical, nylons, willing, feet, legs, genitals, blonde, drug

Liz just lost her job and is looking for a new one to pay her bills.  She saw an ad in the paper and called to make an appointment.  Liz walks in and sits on the couch.  The manager explains that this job will involve her being drugged and then fucked at a gentlemen’s club party.  
Liz is happy that she has a job to pay her bills and accepts even though she knows that she’ll be a sleeping sex vessel.

To get started, Liz is given a drink that puts her out.  She wakes up on a bed in sexy lingerie. An IV is inserted into her arm and the drug drips in.  She mentions how it feels while she is going under, but finally is totality out cold.

Once knocked out, Liz’s limp feet get stripped naked and worshiped passionately. Then her limp body is used to give a good footjob and blowjob. Her pussy is fingered and licked while she is out. Finally, Liz is fucked with long, slow, deep penetrations while she is a lovely limp doll.