Ellie Sleepy Handjob and Limp Footjob

A clip starring Ellie

Ellie in Ellie Sleepy Handjob and Limp Footjob

In this clip: cumshot, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, footjob, hands, foot worship, masturbation

NOTE: this is not a footfuck, but a proper footjob!

A man enters his apartment with a heavy drugged girl over his shoulder. He places her on the couch and removes her heels, exposing her bare feet. He begins to worship her feet, then stands her up, gets behind her, and sits on the couch with her in his lap. He then kisses her cheek, sniffs her hair, and plays with her limp arms. He sits her to his side, pulls out his dick, and uses her hands for a handjob. slightly conscious, the woman slowly slides her hand up and down his shaft on her own.
The man then gets up, sits on the ground in between her legs and uses her limp feet for a footjob with her legs over his shoulders until he cums. After he's done, he cleans up her feet and carries her out of the door.