Young Bee Sleepy Foot Fetish Escort

A clip starring Bee

Bee in Young Bee Sleepy Foot Fetish Escort

In this clip: hypnosis, foot worship, trance, willing, stripping

A guy makes a phone call and books a limp foot fetish escort. Things seem to go smoothly and the guy can't wait.

Scene reopens showing Bee on the door: "so, I’ve been told you want to put me to sleep and then worship my feet?"
Apparently she has been pre-hypnotized and, when the guy says the trigger word, 5 times, it will put her into a sleepy trance; then he only needs to swing a pocket watch in front of her eyes and she will be solid asleep.

She sits on the sofa and she reads a 'contract', which she fully agrees to, about being put to sleep, handles and have her feet exposed and worshiped. What a plan... And it becomes reality as the guy gets her sleepy feet to play with!