Lavinia Sleepy Delight and Ragdoll

A clip starring Lavinia

Lavinia in Lavinia Sleepy Delight and Ragdoll

In this clip: chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, inspection, redressing, nylons, willing, stripping

Lavinia is curious about chloroform and she calls me in: since I'm her best friend and she totally trusts me, she wants me to be the one who assists her in this. So she willingly lets me chloroform her, knowing that she is in safe hands.
As soon as she's out, I start ragdolling her; I put a ball gag in her mouth, just in case she wakes up, so that she wouldn't scream. I totally strip her naked, grope her tits and bum, and take pictures of her genitals using my phone. I even chloroform her further in her sleep to make sure she doesn't wake up.
When I'm done inspecting and playing with her, I redress her but it's not easy. I'm a man, after all. Then I wait for her to wake up.