Sleepy Date App Lauren

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Sleepy Date App Lauren

In this clip: POV, foot worship, nylons, amateur

Lauren comes home from the office and is feeling playful. She takes a glass of wine and sits on the couch to relax. She takes her phone and opens the Tease Date App. This App pairs sexy teases like Lauren with guys that like to be teased. She finds a guy that likes to be teased by women in office clothes. Good match she thinks and gives him a video call. The guy answers and Lauren starts using the phone camera.

She saw from his profile that he was into heels, legs and feet, bra and tits. Lauren starts by teasing him with her body, giving him a nice show of her legs, tits, skirt, heels, stockings tops and suspenders with her clothes on. She talks dirty to the guy, encouraging him to take out his cock and wank as he watches her. She unbuttons her blouse taking it off. She shows off her tits inside her bra, before slipping off her bra to give him a nice show of her tits. She then slips off her skirt and goes back to her heels, teasing him some more with her heels, before slipping them off and finally teasing him with her stocking covered feet. Finally, she slips her panties talking ever more dirty and encouraging him to cum all over her.

When she is done, she is a little harsh with him, telling him that he can look, but can never touch her feet. She then hangs up. Lauren is feeling tired and soon falls asleep.

While she is sleeping a strange masked figure creeps in. He finds Lauren's heels and sniffs them. He looks over Lauren’s sleeping body, taking in her tits and nipples before he moves to Lauren’s feet and starts to play with them, inspecting them and worshiping them. He removes her stockings, sniffing them and enjoys her bare feet and soles, playing with her shoes on her bare feet.

Just then Lauren wakes. Even with the mask, she recognizes the guy from the App.