Valentina Bianco Sleepy Fucking and Foot Play

A clip starring Valentina Bianco

Valentina Bianco in Valentina Bianco Sleepy Fucking and Foot Play

In this clip: groping, fucking, hypnosis, inspection, foot worship, nylons, willing, stripping, feet, legs, breasts, genitals, brunette, provocative

Valentina interviews for a sleeping beauty modeling job at an art gallery. She is completely game for the job and wants to be sure that she is the right person. She shows off her nylon feet and soles and gets a massage. She is next shown in her robe and ready for the next part of the interview. Before she is hypnotized, she removes her robe, revealing her in a bra, panties, nylon, and shoes. Once asleep, her breasts and exposed and nipples sucked. The camera films her legs and pussy, as her shoes and nylon are removed and her feet are worshipped. The camera finally films her asleep being fucked.