Limp Fetish POV Creep Honour May - Double version

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Limp Fetish POV Creep Honour May - Double version

In this clip: oral, cumshot, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, footjob, hands, foot worship, masturbation, nylons, amateur, stripping

Honour is very tired after a party, and goes to bed after meeting her housemate. Literally crawling to bed, where she collapses still in her stockings and party dress.

Later on, the POV housemate sneaks into her bedroom and begins groping her body, playing with her feet and genitals until she wakes up and catches him. Instead of telling him off, she gets curious and starts teasing him, telling him to take his dick out, allowing him to get closer, rub his dick, teasing and denying... All she wants is to see how far he can get, and later tell him off and blackmail him.
End 1.

The story resumes as if she didn't catch him, and Honour is still limp on the bed. There we have a total limp fetish delight: he begins by undressing her body, ragdolling her. He licks her pussy in different positions, worships her feet, fucks her limp mouth, uses her limp hands to give himself a handjob, until he cums loads onto her bare tits. That is loads of stuff.