Akeira Sleepwalker During Foot Theft

A clip starring Akeira

Akeira in Akeira Sleepwalker During Foot Theft

In this clip: groping, POV, inspection, foot worship, trance, amateur

In the first part of the video, like the traditional Foot Theft Series, I sneak into a room where Akeira is sleeping and proceed exposing her body to the camera, groping her tits and ass, exposing her pussy, providing closeups of her soles and finally worshipping them... But, as I'm doing so, she tells me to go on - Fuck, I have been caught! So I stand back, I apologize, I try to get out... But soon I notice she is saying meaningless things, and her eyes are kinda staring at the ceiling. She's a sleepwalker, and she's dreaming about something arousing. My foot worship gave her the inputs, and she's now telling me to go on, to worship her feet as she likes it, and so I keep doing it for a few minutes.
I begin getting more confident, to the point that I soundly slap her soles with my hand as I enjoy that, but unfortunately that wakes her up... She freaks out and asks me to leave, but I don't clearly understand what's going on, as she was enjoying that until a few seconds before...