Sleeping Nyxon Gets Foot Abused

A clip starring Nyxon, Addie Juniper

Nyxon, Addie Juniper in Sleeping Nyxon Gets Foot Abused

In this clip: POV, foot worship, girl/girl, willing, bodypile, drug

"This pill will make you have the most lucid dreams and make you feel like a new woman upon waking but it will make you stay unconscious for one day" Addie says to her friend Nyxon about a new drug… Needless to say that Nyxon is super excited to try it and begs Addie to look after her body while she tries it immediately.

Fortunately for us, as soon as she’s out, Addie decides to profit from her friend’s sleeping body. She calls a man who is willing to pay for some fun, and asks him what does he want to see. He says he wants to see her soles, so Addie begins stripping her unconscious friend’s legs and shows him her sexy sleeping feet. Then he wants to see her soles being worshipped by her friend, so Addie begins performing a very sensual worship on those sleeping toes and soles.

After a long worship, the guy asks Addie to strip Nyxon’s completely and show him all her tattoos. After a full inspection, seizes Addie from behind and chloroforms her. He removes her high heel shoes and her stockings, inspecting her unresisting bare feet, and drags her face down upon her sleeping friend, leaving them there with their bare soles exposed and dead to the world…

Lots of ragdolling in this one!