Montse and the Sleep Creep

A clip starring Montse

Montse in Montse and the Sleep Creep

In this clip: assault, oral, chloroform, cumshot, ragdolling, groping, fucking, masturbation, amateur, mature, stripping

Montse just came back from a night out. She sits down on her bed, and starts checking her phone. She starts commenting about an article she's reading, about a naked creep who enters women's homes and have fun with their bodies once he put them to sleep. She starts getting worried, not knowing that said creep is standing right behind her, naked, with a rag in hand. He pounces on her and puts the rag on her face. Montse struggles hard, while she can feel the creep's dick rubbing against her while his hands are groping her tits.
Soon she falls asleep in his arms, and he lays her on the bed. The creep puts the rag on the side, and starts to strip Montse. First, he removes her heels and starts sniffing her heels and rubbing his cock against them. Then, he sits on her and begins to kiss her while he lies on top of her. He kisses her neck, her boobs, and her lips mainly, his cock rubbing against her leggings. He then takes off her tank top. At this moment, Montse starts to stir and mumble words, but the creep gets his rag and puts it on her again till she's out.
He resumes stripping her taking off her leggings next. Now in her undies, he flips her over and starts kissing her gorgeous ass, as well as heavily groping it and spanking it a couple of times. He flips her back on her back, and he grabs her hand and puts it on his cock, stroking it slowly. Then, he goes and puts his cock in her mouth for a good while. Then he takes off her undies, and puts his cock in her (missionary position). He slowly starts fucking her, but then she starts to wake again, however he puts her back to sleep while fucking her and kissing her neck. Montse goes out and he continues.
Next he puts her in a doggy style, and starts pounding. Towards the end of the fucking, she starts to wake, but again he uses the rag. He fucks her for a short while before pulling out. He goes then cums on her back/ass.

A few weeks later we see Montse going to bed, she remembers what happened to her, but tucks herself in anyway. Then we see the creep getting next to her without her feeling, in a spooning position, and he then puts her to sleep. She is terrified and struggles hard, but flops out. The creep looks at the camera and winks.