Sleep My Girl!

A clip starring

 in Sleep My Girl!

In this clip: chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, hands, kissing, girl/girl, rolling, stripping

Two lovers are watching TV in their room, bored by the same old nonsense television and media, Karma decides she wants to try something and see if she likes it. She is getting tired of her boring roomie who likes to get high and lay around all day, so she decides to chloroform her, tricking her into smelling this towel. Sylvia responds kicking for a second, then quickly goes from wide eyed to fluttering to still and out cold. Karma decides to check her out and see what happens. She removes Sylvia's shirt, plays with her long hair, kissing and caressing her neck, flopping her arms and moving her around on the bed. She does this in several different positions, some sitting, some laying, and towards the end she arches her over the edge of the bed so she can see, and hear her reactions to the kissing and licking of her nipples, or the sweet kisses and caressing of her sexy neck. She plays with her and drags her across the bed, setting her up on a pillow.