Sisters AltSiren and Laura Smith

A clip starring AltSiren, Laura Smith

AltSiren, Laura Smith in Sisters AltSiren and Laura Smith

In this clip: face play, groping, humiliation, inspection, foot worship, nylons, stripping, family affairs

Altsiren and Laura are sisters. Laura is hard working in an office, while Altsiren is always trying to make easy money, using social media.

Laura comes home expecting to find Altsiren. Altsiren is nowhere to be seen. Laura sits on the couch and drinks some wine from an open bottle she found. She stands and stretching and then sits and rubs her tired feet and feels very sleepy. Soon she moves to the bed room and falls asleep.

Just then Altsiren comes in and finds her sister asleep. The wine worked. Now, to update her Vlog. She figured she can use her sexy sister to boost the viewing numbers. Altsiren always had a secret crush on Laura, so this would be fun. She set up the camera.

After checking her sister was out, she gave the audience a tour of her sister. Keeping the narrative going, she then started to play with Laura’s limp body and with her hair. After a while she moved to Laura’s legs, removing her heels and playing with her sexy feet. Taking off Laura’s top and skirt, she admired her sisters body, giving the audience nice views.  Altsiren was getting hot and removed her own skirt and top giggling for the audience. She then removed Laura’s bra, showing off and playing with her breasts.

Laura moaned with all this attention, but did not wake up. Altsiren then slipped off Laura’s stockings and played with her sisters bare feet. They were so nice! Finally, Altsiren removed her sisters panties and gave the audience nice views of her naked sister.

Altsiren sat for the camera, explaining how different they were. But, both sexy.