Sister Nikita Day Nap Footplay

A clip starring Nikita

Nikita in Sister Nikita Day Nap Footplay

In this clip: drunk, ragdolling, POV, footjob, hands, faceless/anonymous, inspection, foot worship, masturbation, rolling, amateur, family affairs, brunette, petite

You know sister Nikita, one of the most sexy and demanded feet of this store! Shot in POV style, with absolutely NO CUTS, in this clip I show you Nikita laying down on her bed late in the morning, still completely gone after a night spent partying and dancing; she's still dressed in a sexy outfit and high heels, as she was probably too exhausted to undress when she came at home at dawn. So, I turn on the camera and begin handling her legs and feet while recording everything for you to see: I take off her high heel shoes, start inspecting and fondling her smooth and stunning soles, while she occasionally moves in her sleep, but just involuntarily. I show off her soles in EXTREME CLOSEUPS, filling all the HD frame with her soles. I worship her feet, ragdoll them, slap them together, and slap my dick on them, while moving the camera around to provide different angles for you to see. If you like Nikita's arches (and you surely do) don't miss this clip!