Carley Chloroformed in Silk

A clip starring Carley, Ammalia

Carley, Ammalia in Carley Chloroformed in Silk

In this clip: assault, chloroform, ragdolling, redressing, stripping

Carley comes in the room all dressed in silk clothing, when Ammalia rushes in from behind and chloroforms her using a silk cloth. It's a long scene during which Carley's eyes are visible all the time, until finally they roll and she's gone! At that point Ammalia starts to undress and redress her in some other silk outfit, as the limp doll she is.
When Carley wakes up she's confused: she notices she is in different clothing and tries to escape, but Ammalia grabs her again and chloroforms her like she did before.
As a bonus scene, we see Ammalia riding Carley, chloroforming her holding the cloth with both hands.