Liz Meets The Serial Foot Fucker

A clip starring Liz Rainbow

Liz Rainbow in Liz Meets The Serial Foot Fucker

In this clip: assault, chloroform, cumshot, groping, POV, footjob, foot worship, masturbation, nylons, amateur, stripping

Agent Liz is on a very serious mission: she has to carry a memory card aboroad, hiding it on herself, as it contains really sensible information which can change the fate of a nation. She is having a phone call with the team, she will leave to the airport shortly. She hangs up, and that's when the famous Serial Foot Fucker rushes in and chloroforms her in a struggle!

The Serial Foot Fucker is famous for sneaking into random girls' apartments, putting them to sleep and cumming on them, mostly by fucking their sleepy soles! He always brings a tripod and a camera with him, and during the process, he likes to set up the camera and film his sleepy preys being used and cumshot, as a kind of voyeur passion of him, so he can watch himself back later and collect all his victims on file.

So this is totally unrelated to the mission, but it's really bad timing for the nation: in fact, when the Serial Foot Fucker starts to grope Liz's limp body, strips her and finds a memory card in his hands, he doesn't understand and throws it away. The mission is fucked, she will miss the flight and also the data is probably lost. But now it's time for fun, as the Serial Foot Fucker takes his penis off, and starts using Liz's limp hands and feet to masturbate, until he cums all over her bum and between her soles as the amateur camera films all of it!