Semiconscious Lesbians

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor

Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor in Semiconscious Lesbians

In this clip: kissing, foot worship, girl/girl, massage, stripping

Faye walks in carrying Chloe who is semi-conscious. She dumps her on the bed. Fondling, groping and licking Chloe all over. Both on her naked skin and on the clothes. She moves her around in different positions, groping and licking her all over, massaging her in between the legs, fondling her feet. Chloe responds to her touch. Faye removes the sweatshirt, keeps fondling, groping and licking her body. French kissing her. Chloe kisses back and responds to Faye's sensual worship. Faye licks and sucks Chloe's feet while she has the socks still on.

Faye removes the clothes, taking her time, keep fondling her body all over, making her feet wet with saliva. Licking and biting her ears, feet, legs, butt and breasts. She then finger fucks Chloe into several orgasms before she goes down on her with her mouth (simulated oral sex).