Ryanne Real Estate

A clip starring Ryanne

Ryanne in Ryanne Real Estate

In this clip: ragdolling, groping, fucking, hands, foot worship, rolling, nylons, stripping

A guy is trying to sell his condo on the south side of town and he got a great reference from his friend about this hot, young real estate broker who can help him sell for a good price. She comes over and talks to him about the place and possible prices. When they go upstairs to inspect the bedroom she realizes the lied about being a bachelor, since there are women's clothes in his closet. He confesses and tells her his girlfriend disappeared and they have not yet been able to find her. She starts to freak out and wants to leave, but he puts her to sleep unexpectedly. After her body goes limp he plays with her, undressing her slowly. He starts with her shirt, then her shoes, stockings and bra. Her breasts are amazing to touch and feel.

Although this clip is not foot-oriented, there is a lot of flopping and limp play as well as some good sole shots.