The Robomeat and the Robo Footjob

A clip starring Catwoman

Catwoman in The Robomeat and the Robo Footjob

In this clip: footjob, faceless/anonymous, foot worship, masturbation, trance, silly, feet, legs, responsive, leather/PVC, robot

A guy has just purchased a Robomeat, a high-tech fuck doll, which is now standing in his living room. He calls a friend of his and asks her to come to check the robot out.

While waiting for his friend to arrive, he is curious about his purchase and check out the Robomeat.
He makes the Robomeat dance, lie down and remove its shoes.
Noticing that Robomeat is so realistic, he begins to grope its perfect feet.  Then an idea pops in to his head, what if I can teach it to give me a footjob?  He reads the user manual and finds out how to make the Robomeat pretend to ride a bicycle. He commands the Robomeat to bicycle kick and he puts his face in the way so he can worship its mechanical feet.  Then, he puts his dick in the path and starts to get a robo footjob, which he thoroughly enjoys.

Just as he was about to cum, his phone rings.  It is his friend and she’s downstairs.
He stops the Robomeat from kicking, goes to open the door, and pretends that nothing has happened!