Winter And The Crazy Rigger

A clip starring

 in Winter And The Crazy Rigger

In this clip: bondage, chloroform, groping, humiliation, inspection, stripping

Sexy business woman Winter goes to visit a professional Dom, as she secretly enjoys to be dominated and abused to compensate everyday life at work, where she has a very influential position. She steps in keeping her dignity high; she does't have to talk, they both know what they have to do. The Dom strips her naked, handling her body and groping her with confidence.
He starts to tie her up with rope, really tight, really sophisticated, also suspending her from a hoop. He also gags her with the rope, she screams in pain and pleasure as he fingers her pussy, spanks her, enjoys her body as she can't do anything but just suffer in the tight bondage cage.
At some point it's too much: she starts to order him to untie her, back in her dominant role. He doesn't listen, grabs a rag, and chloroforms her until she's out... Her body now dangles limp from the rope, and he begins untying her. Once she's all undone, her limp body lies on the floor, all deeply marked by ropes. He keeps groping her ragdolling and moving her prey, now that she's limp and can't protest anymore...