Carmel ER Fucking and Resuscitation

A clip starring Carmel Anderson

Carmel Anderson in Carmel ER Fucking and Resuscitation

In this clip: oral, groping, fucking, inspection, masturbation, medical, stripping

Carmel is on the phone with her lover, doing some small talk; she sounds very confident and naughty, and horny. After the call, she starts touching herself inside her gym trousers, and grows hornier... But suddenly something goes wrong with her heart, she starts to have an attack. She panics, reaches the phone and calls an ambulance. She barely has the time to do that, as soon she ends up on the floor spasming, before dropping down out.

The doctor arrives. He checks her pulse, and realizes the situation is desperate. He cuts her shirt open using scissors and starts performing CPR massage... We soon realize Carmel has been extremely unlucky, as the doctor is probably a newbie who barely knows what he's doing. he sounds very anxious and any real doctor would say he's crap!
In fact he gets no results, and takes the defibrillator out; she blasts electricity into her chest multiple times, causing her limp body to jump, but once again unsuccessfully... What to do now? 

Simple: he takes his dick out and begins slapping it on her face; he grabs her body and sits her up, so he can slide his dick into her mouth, getting a limp blowjob. He then bumps the body back down, takes off her gym trousers, panties and socks, and begins fucking her limp body in the pussy. he goes on for some time, until he cums into his young limp lover... But it's the energy of his orgasm which does the miracle: while he's orgasming, Carmel slowly open her eyes and starts to focus, catching the doctor in the act, causing him to freak out and jump back extremely embarrassed and apologetic. But, after all, he saved her life!