Reprogramming Ellie

A clip starring Ellie

Ellie in Reprogramming Ellie

In this clip: gas, groping, POV, footjob, hands, foot worship, masturbation, medical, stripping

Ellie meets a geek who fancies her, but once again she has to make clear that he's a nice guy but she has no interest in him at all. The geek feels bad about it, but thanks her anyway and offers her a drink... Soon it turns out that the drink has something in it, and Ellie start spasming before going totally limp.

In the next scene, Ellie's body lies limp in the geek's lab, half undressed; the geek comes in and starts groping her, masturbating, slapping his dick on her, giving himself a handjob and finishing himself off using her feet in a bouncy foot fuck. He then proceeds reprogramming Ellie and bringing her back up in a different flavour...

In the next scene, naked Ellie sits again on the couch where everything started. She has a blank stare and her mind is empty. The geek comes in and activates her. He pulls out his dick, and as an emotionless robot she starts to wank him off (POV). Finally, the geek cums on her, and she goes back to standby mode.