Remote-controlled foot fetish on domestic robot cutie

A clip starring Cassandra

Cassandra in Remote-controlled foot fetish on domestic robot cutie

In this clip: foot worship, trance, silly

A guy comes back home and sits down on the couch where his domestic robot is sitting in standby mode; he starts doing some tv zapping, but there's nothing interesting, so he soon turns the television off. Bored, he turns towards his robomeat, and activates her using another remote: the body animates up, awaiting for further orders. Using the remote he first orders her to "tease", and the robot starts moving her legs and feet in front of the camera in a very provocative way... But, soon he wants more, so he kneels down and fires the order "bicycle": at that point the robot starts moving the legs right before his face, rubbing her smooth soles right on it, while he has to do nothing but enjoy that touch...